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September 24, 2009 by  

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RankPay is attempting to change the face of Search Engine Optimization, actually they aren’t attempting but they are accomplishing fantastic things. I was introduced to RankPay several months ago from a graphics designer I work with on a frequent basis, she told me that RankPay helped her achieve top rankings within Google for a very competitive industry related keyword.

I’ve always been skeptical of SEO companies and services, they typically are nothing more than a headache and a wallet/ROI draining marketing medium. In the past I have been suckered out of thousands and thousands of dollars, and many guarantees that went without follow through. That is until I met RankPay and their SEO services.

RankPay has a unique SEO Opportunity tool which will help you identify keywords that are best suited for an SEO campaign. After playing around I was able to better identify 4 additional keywords that I never knew existed for my market. Already off to a good start I checked out the rest of their claims.

  • No upfront costs
  • Pay only when ranked

That’s an attention getter already, no upfront fees and pay only when I’m ranked? That’s nearly too good to be true. That’s basically guaranteed SEO, without any of the risk. After playing around with their toolbar, identifying 10 keywords, and reviewing pricing, which by the way blew my other companies pricing out of the water, I’ve never seen SEO for this good of a deal I submitted and waited to hear from them.

I was called within a few hours to talk about my campaign, discuss some of the keywords that I chose, and discuss some keywords that they identified. All in all, 3 of my keywords were WAY off and RankPay helped me find keywords that would not only bring in better traffic but help convert that traffic as well. I was very thankful that they got me on the right track, right away.

Fast forward two months, I now rank in the top 10 positions for over 6 keywords and the top 3 positions for 3 of them. I urge you to find a company, especially an SEO company, with less hassle and more results than RankPay. They have the model down pat, and I see them going very very far (if they aren’t huge already I’d be surprised). Keep up the fantastic service RankPay, you’ve got a customer for life. I’ve told everyone I know and will continue doing so.

EDIT: After completing this RankPay review, RankPay has given all readers an exclusive discount towards their services. RankPay promo code RP50 for $50 off RankPay’s SEO services.


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